Conditions for hire of Watermillock Village Hall


We are pleased you have chosen to hire our village hall for your event and hope that you enjoy your time here. Your feedback is always very welcome.


Below is some further information to help things run smoothly:


Clean and tidy – We ask that you leave all areas clean and tidy with chairs and tables stacked away. Cleaning equipment can be found in the tall cupboard in the kitchen (on the far left as you enter from the back door)

An onsite check list is provided as a guide.


Recycling – All glass, plastics, cans and paper can be placed in the outside recycling bins.


General rubbish – This is collected by a private company and has to be in the ‘white’ commercial plastic bags provided, to be found on the shelf above the kitchen bin,  and then placed in the outside wheely bin.  All excess rubbish, broken equipment etc should be taken away by the hirer.


Key and locking up – Please ensure that all doors and windows are closed/locked. On locking the kitchen door on exit the key can be replaced in the outside key holder and the code numbers scrambled

for security


Contact details – If you need further assistance while staying in Watermillock please contact our Caretaker Sarah Parker on  075998 12657